New year, new stories. I’ve got off to an encouraging start, with a very short story published on the Visual Verse website.

This is a new project where they post up a different image every month, and writers who feel inspired can produce a piece of poetry or prose in response. The only catch is that it has to be between 50-500 words and must be written within an hour. You can read my story here.

The idea behind the site is a great one: it’s about lobbing a big inspiration grenade in your direction and then daring you to respond immediately. I call it ‘Gun To The Head’ writing, and very welcome it is, too.

I say this because I spend a lot of time crafting and redrafting my short stories, so it’s refreshing to just let my mind race and write, write and race, give it a quick polish, and then send it off – all in 60 minutes. It reminds you how much fun writing can be.

You remember that word, don’t you? Fun. It’s often elusive when you’re about to head-butt the desk in frustration, so it’s good to remind yourself that moments of inspiration and the ensuing white heat of creativity can be pretty damn exciting.

What’s that old saying? Writing is 10 per cent inspiration, 90 per cent perspiration. Well, it was time I reacquainted myself with that 10 per cent – and a little can go a long way.

Why not give Visual Verse a try yourself? Your head – and your desk – will thank you for it.

Happy New Year!


*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*  If you’ve got a spare few minutes, give one of my short stories a go. Click on the STORIES tab and take your pick.

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