Today sees the launch of a project that’s been brewing for the past few months. It’s an ebook anthology of short stories, and every tale has the same title:

The Casual Electrocution of Strangers

I’ve been working with my lovely writer friends Françoise Harvey and Jane Roberts – together we are Literary Salmon – and we asked nine other writers to contribute tales and then to collaborate on the editing process. To our delight they all said yes, and, a few months later, a sparkling new ebook has been spawned.

It’s been a pleasure helping to bring 12 very different short stories to the world – and seeing how one title can be interpreted in so many ways by 12 different human beings. They say you can never really know another person, but that’s where fiction comes in – it shines a light on what it means to be us, with all our foibles and frailties, and all our strengths too.

And in this age of rampant, abhorrent capitalism in extremis, it’s good to know that open-hearted creativity and collaboration can still – and will – flourish.

The ebook is FREE to download, and there’s an PDF version too. For more details on the project and to get your hands on a copy, click here.

Read it. And if you like it, share it. You never know, we might all learn something about each other…

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